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Getting rid of weeds just in time for spring

May 4, 2022

Springtime is most gardeners’ favorite time of year. All of the potential of a new season lies before you, but with new opportunities come new challenges. Weeds can take over even the most well planned garden if you don’t get rid of them in time. When temperatures hit about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, most species of weeds begin to “spring” into action. There are several things that you can do to get rid of existing weeds and prevent new ones.

Of course, you can take a DIY approach and do your best to figure out what you need to do for your specific lawn, on your own. If you’d rather spend less time (and possibly save money, as well as certainly experience guaranteed results) on your lawn and gardens this year, then you can trust West Termite, Pest & Lawn’s many program options to meet your weed control needs, whatever they are.

What you can do to get rid of weeds

If you want to prevent new weeds from growing and get rid of existing weeds just in time for spring, there are several things you can do to be proactive. Of course, working with a professional agency helps ensure that the time you invest on a day-to-day basis will lead to the best possible results for your lawn and garden weed control.

Pull weeds out when they are small:

If you are diligent and spend a little time each day on your outdoor space, you can pull weeds when they are small and easy to uproot, before they have a chance to go to seed. Once weeds have become full grown, they’re likely to reproduce rapidly and spread around your cultivated areas.

Apply homemade herbicide treatments:

Common household products such as salt, vinegar, and bleach all work great for spot treatments to kill weeds–especially those that aren’t anywhere near plants you do want to keep alive. To use salt, dissolve it fully in a little water and pour it directly onto plants you want to kill. Vinegar can be sprayed directly onto plants to kill them, and bleach can also be poured directly onto weeds to control them.

Mulch the garden beds and any other exposed soil surfaces:

Use mulch to cover any exposed soil surfaces in order to prevent weeds from taking root and sprouting in those areas. In addition to helping garden beds to retain proper moisture levels, mulch is surprisingly effective in preventing weeds from invading the areas you have carefully cultivated.

How West Termite, Pest & Lawn can help you get rid of weeds

We have treated countless lawns for weeds. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff can work with you to customize a plan to control weeds in your outdoor spaces, whatever your landscaping goals may be. We offer both pre-emergent and post-emergent treatment programs to help you prevent weeds on the front end of the season, as well as deal with any weeds that may crop up later on.

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