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West Termite, Pest & Lawn – Joplin, Missouri

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Joplin Termite & Pest Control Services

Have you tried roach motels, mouse traps, flypaper, and citronella candles to no avail? Are pests ruining your family’s enjoyment of the outdoors? If so, West Termite Pest & Lawn can help. Unfortunately, chances are that repeated sightings of these pests mean a larger infestation that you can’t see. That’s why we offer custom pest control plans for everything from bed bugs and fleas to spiders and rodents.

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Pest control in
Joplin, Missouri

If you’ve tried roach motels, flypaper, mousetraps and citronella candles with no measurable results, you may be experiencing a large scale pest infestation. When pests are ruining your and your family’s enjoyment of your home or your outdoor space, it’s time to call West Termite, Pest & Lawn. When sightings increase, or you just can’t seem to end the trickle of pests in your home, there’s usually a bigger unseen problem at hand. That’s why we offer custom pest control plans for everything from roaches and spiders to bed bugs and rodents.

Roach clean outs in Joplin, MO

Roaches are perhaps the most feared of pest infestations because everyone knows that for each roach seen there are likely dozens more waiting in the wings. While roaches are drawn to crumbs, crusty dishes, and dark moist places, they are still found in the cleanest of Joplin homes. Cockroaches can also pose a threat to your health. Roach waste is an allergen and can worsen the symptoms of allergies and asthma. Protect your home with a roach clean out and control plan – contact West Termite to schedule an appointment.


Bed bug services in Joplin, MO

Bed bugs. Just saying it out loud can make you take a second look at your bedding. These teeny tiny pests are nearly invisible to the naked eye and are notoriously difficult to oust from your home. Bed bugs make themselves at home quickly and the longer you have them, the harder it will be to exterminate them as they infiltrate every room in your house. The living room carpet, the linen closet, your favorite armchair – nothing is safe from these little travelers. If you experience a crawling sensation or wake up to itchy red bites call a professional exterminator immediately. You’ll need to use the correct combination of liquid and heat treatments to properly kill them off. At the first sign of bed bugs, don’t hesitate to contact West Termite – professional prevention is key.


Rodent control in Joplin, MO

Rodents are wily pests – they chew through electrical wires, spoil food, and leave droppings in the far reaches of your attic, crawlspaces, and garage. Rodents are also often hosts to fleas, ticks, and other parasites which can lead to a secondary infestation of your home. We offer one-time exterminations for the rogue rat or mouse, but if you have more than one or two rodent sightings per year you may want to consider a long-term rodent control plan to eliminate them from the property. Contact West Termite, Pest & Lawn and we’ll send a rodent control specialist straight to your Joplin home.


Spider control in Joplin, MO

While most spiders are relatively harmless, there are a few poisonous varieties – such as black widows or brown recluses – which can be a danger to your family, especially young children, and small pets. Spiders can live for months without food or water and they’re able to squeeze into incredibly narrow spaces, making them hard to find and eliminate. Make sure to check in the nooks and crannies of your home – in the back of the pantry, the recesses of the hallway ceiling and in the corners close to your entryways. If you have a spider problem or you’ve seen a poisonous species in your home, call a professional exterminator in Joplin immediately.


Flea control in Joplin, MO

Even just reading about fleas can make you itchy. Anyone who’s had pets has experienced a flea bite at one point or another and it is not pleasant. Fleas can be more dangerous to us than that, however. Fleas can carry tapeworms and transfer other diseases to humans and animals through their bites. They’re also difficult to exterminate once they’ve infested your home because they can lay up to fifty (50) eggs per day – so by the time you kill the adults the next generation is already eating you up! Treating your pets for fleas is a good first step, but if they’re being re-infected by fleas living in your home, it can become an endless cycle.

The best defense against fleas is a good offense. It’s easier to prevent fleas than it is to kill them. Keep your cost – and your itching! – down and reach out to West Termite, Pest & Lawn. We’ll help devise a flea control program that works for your Joplin home.


Termite control in Joplin, MO

The mere mention of Termites is enough to give a Bartlesville homeowner chilling nightmares. These wood-munching insects are notorious for eating their way through can thousands of dollars worth of structural damage before you even know they’re there. Arkansas’s climate and ecosystem is particularly susceptible to termites – which is why you’re required to have annual Termite inspections in Joplin. We offer termite treatments and inspections for both new construction and older homes.

Our technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect your property and to recognize the early signs of a termite infestation. At West Termite, we try to treat your home like we would ours, which means our technicians’ treatments are proactive and our inspections all-encompassing. When it comes to termite control, early detection can mean the difference between paying an exterminator and rebuilding the whole house.

Lawn care in
Joplin, Missouri

Weeds, dead spots, and insect filled plants are unsightly. They’re also signs that you may need to develop a long-term lawn care plan. West Termite Pest & Lawn Care provides services for lawns of all conditions, shapes, and sizes. After many years of experience, we have learned that a holistic approach works better than any other. For a lush, flourishing lawn you need weed control, fertilization and pest control.

Pre-emergent lawn care in Joplin, MO

Pre-emergent lawn care in Joplin is a simple philosophy – save time, money, and peace of mind by being proactive with your lawn instead of reactive. When your lawn is weeded and fertilized properly, it can grow and become healthy and lush. When your lawn is healthy and growing it keeps the pest population down – which then helps the lawn grow more quickly!

Weed control and fertilization in Joplin, MO

West Termite Pest & Lawn Care offers several weed control and fertilization plans. If you’d like to discuss a custom plan based on your lawn’s needs and your family’s budget, just make an appointment with one of our lawn care specialists.

  • 7 Step Program – consistent, season-long weed control and fertilization
  • 8 Step Program – includes soil conditioner to improve the health of your soil
  • Custom Programs – goes as low as 4 treatments per year depending on your lawn’s needs

If you have questions about weed control and fertilization programs in Joplin, contact us online or give us a call.

Mosquito control in Joplin, MO

Mosquitos are an annoyingly familiar pest in Joplin, especially if you’re near water. It’s important to remember that mosquitos are more than just annoying – they can also pose a real health risk to you, your family members, and guests in your home. Zika, West Nile, and Yellow Fever are just a few of the viruses that mosquitos are known to carry. West Termite Pest & Lawn eliminates mosquitos by eliminating or minimizing standing water on your property, conducting a meticulous investigation of possible breeding sites, and properly treating the infected areas. Protect your home and your family from mosquitos – contact West Termite Pest & Lawn today.

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Family has been the heart of our business since Randy & Susan West first opened shop in central Arkansas years ago. We are still locally owned and operated, providing Missourians services that bring health and peace of mind.

★★★★★ They do a great job and come back out any time I need them to. Great customer service.

Linda M.

★★★★★ Great termite and pest specialists. Very knowledgeable and experienced. Extremely respectful personnel.

Kristofor B.

★★★★★ You can’t go wrong with West! They go above and beyond for their customers. The prices are very reasonable. Amazing customer service. I wouldn’t use anyone else!