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Scorpion Control & Exterminator

Best scorpion pest control in Arkansas & Oklahoma

Few pests are more terrifying to spot than a scorpion, especially in Arkansas and Oklahoma where they are fairly unexpected. Luckily, only one kind of scorpion is native to this area (the striped bark scorpion), and its venomous sting is not lethal. However, the sting is very painful and can cause serious health complications for people who are allergic to the venom. You can count on West Termite, Pest & Lawn for effective scorpion pest control.

The West Termite, Pest & Lawn process

One of our pest control specialists will assess your property to determine the level and location of scorpion infestation. We will identify the environmental conditions and possible food sources that are attracting scorpions, so that these may be addressed.
Secure the Perimeter
We will apply professional-grade products, such as pesticide dust, to the perimeter of your home and property to create a barrier that will discourage scorpions from entering these areas.
Remove Food Sources
Scorpions feed on small insects, so we’ll apply insecticide to the foundation of your home and any other appropriate areas found during your inspection. This should exterminate the majority of the scorpions’ food sources, making your home and property less appealing to these pests.
Prevention & Maintenance
We will offer strategies to help you prevent scorpions from entering your home or infesting your property. Preventive strategies include sealing up any cracks in the foundation, siding, crawlspace and roof of your home, along with tidying up any wood piles or other debris on your property.

What to expect with West Termite, Pest & Lawn

To put an end to your scorpion pest control problem for good, hire a professional exterminator. If you are seeing scorpions in your home or yard, you may have a serious infestation. Scorpions are nocturnal and tend to hide from people, so if you are seeing them around, there is likely to be an established population on your property.

For a pest control specialist with scorpion extermination experience, contact West Termite, Pest & Lawn. We will send an exterminator to your home to perform a free evaluation and provide you with a quote, with no obligation. We specialize in scorpion pest control remedies.

Frequently asked scorpion control service questions


What kind of scorpion lives in Arkansas and Oklahoma?

The striped bark scorpion is the only species of scorpion native to this area. This kind of scorpion is fairly small, only about 2 inches long, with the male having a longer tail than the female. The color may vary from yellowish to tan, marked with two broad, dark stripes along the upper side of the scorpion’s abdomen. They are covered with a waxy coating which glows under a blacklight.


What attracts scorpions?

Striped bark scorpions, true to their name, are attracted to bark or wood found in wood piles, fallen logs, and leaf litter. This type of scorpion does not tend to burrow like other types do. Striped bark scorpions are known to climb and may be found in attics. They may come inside homes when seeking shelter, especially as the weather begins to cool off.

How do scorpions reproduce?

Scorpions do not lay eggs, but instead give birth to live young, in groups of about 30 at a time. The young live with their mother for a short period of time before they begin to live on their own. Although scorpions can live extremely long lives, up to 25 years, the average lifespan is 3-8 years in the wild. Adult scorpions may produce several broods.

What repels scorpions?

Cedarwood and lavender essential oils are unpleasant to scorpions and make an excellent, all-natural scorpion repellent. Simply dilute one or both of these essential oils with water, add to a spray bottle, and spray this mixture in areas of your home where scorpions may enter, such as door or window frames, in order to discourage them from coming inside.

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