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Three tips to prevent bed bugs from entering your home

Nov 25, 2022

While bed bugs are not known to spread disease, their bites can cause itchy blisters that you might scratch in your sleep, which can lead to secondary infections. For people who are allergic to them, they can cause more severe problems which can lead to serious health consequences. Young people and older people are especially vulnerable to having serious complications and reactions to insect bites. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones from bed bugs, preventing them from entering your home is critical.

Three ways you can prevent bed bugs from entering your home

1. Resist the temptation to take home any mattresses, upholstered furniture, or clothing that you may find discarded, especially in urban areas.

It’s quite likely that a “perfectly good” seeming mattress or piece of upholstered furniture has been set out on the street because it is already infested with bed bugs. While this may seem like an obvious suggestion, it can sometimes be tempting for someone who just moved and needs, say, a couch, to pick up a couch when they see one being offered for free or very cheap. But it’s best to save up for a better quality household good, to be on the safe side.

2. Bag your clothes when you get home, especially if you are likely to encounter bed bugs at work.

If you take off your work clothes when you get home from work and leave them sitting around, you’ll allow any bed bugs that might have hitched a ride home to escape into your dwelling and likely reproduce. It is especially important for people who work in hotels, hospitals, or other public, residential settings to take the time to bag their clothes and seal them until it’s time to do laundry. Washing your work clothes in hot water is a good way to kill any bed bugs that might have followed you home. Keeping your dirty laundry bag sealed will prevent them from hanging around unchecked and free to feast on you and your loved ones while you sleep.

3. Apply essential oils and desiccants to your home to deter bed bugs the natural way.

Essential oils are known for deterring pests, and bed bugs are no exception. Tea tree oil is especially effective and will kill bed bugs on contact. Because they can sense this, they avoid areas that are treated with frequently sprayed fine mists of diluted tea tree oil. Spraying your coat, car, and purse, backpack, or other bag that you carry to work will help you ward off bed bugs from catching a ride home with you. You can also spread diatomaceous earth to deter them, especially if you fear catching bed bugs from a neighbor. This is a natural substance that you can lay in a thin layer throughout your home that kills any bugs who come in contact with it.

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