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Pest Control For Your Yard this Summer

May 21, 2019

The weather is warmer, so that means that bugs and pests will go back outside where they belong, right?

Maybe. But even in your yard some pests can cause a lot of damage or make your family or pets sick. It’s important to think about pest control for your yard and the outside of your home even during the summer.

Here are some tips for keeping your yard safe this season.

Watch for Standing Water

Standing water can be a major problem for your yard. It harbors a variety of pests and makes a great breeding ground for mosquitos, which can be a very dangerous pest.

Mosquitos cause a variety of problems for both people and pets. Their bites are uncomfortable and itchy, and they can carry diseases including the West Nile Virus.

Be sure you drain flower pots, avoid having water on top of any pool or hot tub covers and change the water in bird baths every couple of days. You can also use fountains in ponds and birdbaths to keep water fresh.

Not having standing water in your yard is a great first step for pest control.

Remove Trash and Clutter

Having piles of clutter or trash is like inviting rodents and bugs to live on your property. From toys to tires to piles of wood, you’re creating a habitat for pests in your yard.

You can also have pests in your yard if you have fruit trees that aren’t trimmed and managed, or if you have branches or other yard waste. When you keep your yard clean, it not only looks better, it’ll be a big step toward summer pest control.

Be sure to also keep your grass from getting too long, since tall grass and weeds can bring in ticks, fleas, and ants. These pests can get onto your clothes or pets and find their way inside, causing even more problems.

Store Firewood For Summer

Firewood is a great resource in colder months or if you have a fire pit. However, you have to store it correctly or you’ll unknowingly be running an insect hotel in your yard.

Be sure to dry wood out before you store it. Not only will it be less inviting for bugs, but it will also burn far better when it’s time to use it. Next, don’t stack wood on the ground. Use a raised platform or rack so that bugs from the soil don’t migrate into your wood pile.

Finally, keep firewood away from your home. It’s easy for bugs to go from being in your woodpile to being in your home.

Get Professional Pest Control For Summer

One of the best ways to make sure that you keep your yard pest free this summer is to get help with pest control. A professional can look at your property and let you know what pests you might have the most problems with.

A pro will also be able to give you tips for pest treatments that will have the best impact for the environment, your family, and pets. Taking care of bugs isn’t about dousing your yard with gallons of chemicals!

For help creating a summer yard pest control plan, contact us today.

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