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Is It Time to Hire a Hot Springs Pest Control Expert?

Sep 19, 2019

Most homeowners tend to ignore when it’s time to consider hiring a Hot Springs pest control specialist. While you may think it isn’t time to hire an expert, it’s vital to know how to spot the signs of an imminent pest infestation.

How are you handling your pest control? Maybe you’re trying the do it yourself route, but this option can get very expensive. Besides exposing yourself and your family to diseases, your property can suffer wood, electrical, foundation damage, among other structural damages from pest infestations.

Preventing these damages comes down to learning the signs of a pest infestation and when it’s time to hire an expert. Not sure how to know?

Here are the top signs that pests may be infesting your home and it’s time to call an expert.

Tapping In Your Walls

If you hear tapping in your walls, you should call a Hot Springs pest control expert right away. Believe it or not, these sounds are a sign that termites may be infesting your home.

Termites feed on wood causing serious structural damage to your home. Damaged cabinets, floors, ceilings, and furniture are only some examples of structural damage caused by termites.

Sawdust Close to Your Deck, Window Frames, Doors and Outdoor Furniture

Have you noticed sawdust near wood objects or structures? We’re referring to weird holes in the wood from your deck, window frames, doors, or even outdoor furniture. If you answered yes, carpenter bees may be nesting in your home.

These bees build tunnels in deadwood causing extensive structural damage to your property. You may see these nests empty, but you shouldn’t underestimate the seriousness of these signs.

If you don’t call a Hot Springs pest control specialist to treat these nests, carpenter bees will return every year to cause even more damage to your home. Keep in mind these nests also attract woodpeckers.

Tunnels of Mud Along External Walls

Subterranean termites build tunnels to get from their colony to the source of food. These pests build mud tunnels along walls and even your home’s foundation.

These tunnels are signs of serious damage to your home. If you find any mud tunnels, you should have an expert survey your home as soon as possible to prevent any more damage.

Small Openings Throughout Your Home

While a mouse needs an opening as small as a dime to crawl through, pests such as ants and cockroaches can get through even tinier crawling spaces. Have you noticed any openings inside your home? If the openings are very visible, it may be a sign of a rodent infestation.

You may think trapping the mice yourself is the best way to save money. However, you should consider consulting with a Hot Springs pest control expert.

Rodent control is the best method to prevent damages to your electric wiring and furniture. Remember that mice often gnaw on your home’s wires, furniture, insulation, plastic, and even wood.

Hire a Hot Springs Pest Control Expert Today!

Learning the warning signs of a pest infestation is the first step to protect your home. However, it’s important to hire a hot springs pest control expert to treat and prevent any pests from infesting your home. The types of pests vary on a location basis so you should consider hiring a local expert.

West Termite serves the Greater Arkansas area including Hot Springs. Our certified experts conduct free consultations where they survey your property and offer a tailored pest control plan. We offer pest control services from bed bugs to rodent control.

Have you spotted any warning signs of a pest infestation? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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