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How to Rid Your Lawn of Mosquitos

Sep 19, 2019

Summer may be almost gone, but mosquito season is just getting started.  While the season starts in April or May, it extends until October or when it gets cold in Arkansas. You shouldn’t only worry about mosquito control indoors.

It’s important to also rid your lawn of mosquitoes to protect your family. You should always consider consulting an expert since the best mosquito control regimen varies on a location basis. However, taking simple measures can make their job easier and protect your family.

Not sure how to maintain your lawn mosquito-free? We’ve got you covered. Here are the best outdoor mosquito control measures you can take.

Plant Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Believe it or not, natural plants can rid your lawn of mosquitoes. You can beautify your yard while protecting yourself from mosquito-transmitted diseases. French Marigolds, Citronella Geranium, Floss Flower, and Lavender are great examples of pest repelling plants.

If you haven’t planted any of these plants, you should consider adding them to your yard. The best thing about it is you’ll protect your family from pests year-round.

Remove Any Standing Water

Standing water is a perfect spot for pests and mosquito breeding. While keeping an eye on standing water should be part of your summer pest control, it’s also vital to rid your lawn of mosquito.

You should survey your lawn for any gaps or holes holding standing water. It’s important to cover them with soil any holes you find as a mosquito breeding prevention measure.

Make sure you drain any pots or recipients holding water. If you have birdbaths or ponds in your yard, you should also treat this water to prevent mosquito infestations.

Repair Any Leaks

You may think recipients holding water is the only thing you should worry about. However, air conditioners, faucets, and leaking sprinklers can create puddles around your backyard. It’s important to survey your lawn regularly for leaks.

If you find any leaks, you should contact an expert immediately to get it repaired. Prioritizing these repairs will help you lower your utility costs and rid your lawn of mosquitoes.

Remove Tall Weeds and Mow Your Lawn

Mosquitoes often rest during the day on tall weeds and protected areas. Are you mowing your lawn regularly?

If not, you should consider hiring an expert to keep your yard tidy. Believe it or not, removing tall weeds and mowing your lawn can prevent mosquito infestations.

Get Rid Your Lawn of Mosquito Today!

No matter the season of the year it’s important to rid your lawn of mosquito to protect your family. Taking simple measures such as removing any standing water, planting mosquito-repelling plants, and repairing any leaks can take you a long way.

While you can take mosquito control measures, you should consider consulting an expert. At West Termite, we offer specialized mosquito control treatments for shrubs and yards.

Our knowledgeable team understands lawn mosquito control measures vary on a location and season basis. We’ll suggest the best approach to remove any potential mosquito breeding sites and protect your family from mosquito-transmitted diseases.

Want to learn more about your mosquito control options? Contact us to schedule your free consultation today.

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