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Dealing with a Fly infestation

Feb 14, 2024

Managing a fly infestation can be a difficult and frustrating ongoing battle for homeowners, disrupting the peace and even posing potential health hazards. Take advantage of expert insights to develop some practical strategies aimed at not only controlling, but effectively eliminating, fly infestations from your living space.

Proactive measures for prevention and control

Although fly infestations are common, they can be quickly addressed by taking steps that target potential attractants and breeding grounds.

The most important aspect of fly control lies in the regular cleaning and disposal of food remnants, spills, and waste. By eliminating these potential food sources, you discourage flies from taking residence in your home.

Pay close attention to the kitchen, since it’s often the epicenter of a fly infestation. Regularly clean your countertops, wash dishes as promptly as possible, and ensure that all food remnants are disposed of in sealed containers.

Use garbage bins with tightly sealed lids, and empty trash regularly to prevent the accumulation of organic waste– which is what flies are after.

Establish a consistent cleaning routine that includes vacuuming carpets, sweeping floors, and wiping down surfaces. Pay particular attention to areas where crumbs or spills may accumulate.

Regularly inspect and repair your window and door screens, since flies often enter homes through damaged or improperly sealed screens. Making sure screens are secure can effectively keep unwanted insect intruders out.

It may help to explore natural repellants, too. Fragrances like citronella, eucalyptus, or mint can work to deter flies and other pests, while making your home smell good!

Finally, if you’re currently dealing with a fly infestation, it helps to recognize the specific type of fly you’re dealing with– since houseflies, fruit flies, and drain flies all require a more targeted approach to eliminate.

The role of professional pest control

There are a few DIY solutions that can have a positive impact on a fly infestation, but there comes a point where the assistance of a professional pest control service becomes a necessity. While DIY and eco-friendly methods are commendable, they have limitations in dealing with extensive or recurring fly infestations.

Professional pest control services bring a higher level of expertise and tailored interventions to address complex situations.

Introducing natural predators to flies, like carnivorous plants, can contribute to maintaining a balanced ecosystem. 

However, if you’ve ever seen a carnivorous plant capture a fly, you know the process takes quite a while– so you’d need an army of plants to deal with a serious infestation.

If you’re dealing with a persistent or challenging fly infestation, the expertise of a pest control professional is invaluable. Trained specialists conduct a thorough assessment of the situation, identifying root causes and implementing targeted solutions for a comprehensive and lasting fly elimination.

An informed approach

Successfully managing fly infestations demands a comprehensive and adaptive approach. While DIY traps offer an initial line of defense, their efficacy may diminish the face of persistent challenges. Professional pest control services are a strategic and effective choice.

If you’re dealing with a fly infestation and need the assistance of a professional pest service in Arkansas or Oklahoma, reach out to West Termite & Pest today!

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