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Comparison Between DIY & Professional

Aug 18, 2023

Upon realizing that your home has a pest problem, it’s probably your first instinct to try and deal with it yourself. After all, you can learn from YouTube tutorials how to apply pesticide and properly handle the infestation on your own, right?

It might be possible to handle a minor presence of insects in your home on your own, especially with preventative maintenance like sealing gaps and keeping the home free of clutter and sources of food and water.

However, it’s important to consider both sides of the issue in order to make the best possible decision for you and your home.

Pros and cons of DIY pest control

If you’re an independent, thrifty person, handling an infestation on your own seems like the natural choice. After all, you can do it on your schedule without having to make an appointment or wait for a technician to arrive.

The cost of chemicals that you apply yourself, versus those that a professional applies, is also cheaper when purchased from a home improvement store… at least at first.

The problem with store-bought pesticides is that they aren’t the same quality as the kinds used by professionals. Additionally, in the hands of someone who isn’t educated in the proper use and application of these chemicals, they might not be as effective.

If at first you don’t succeed…

It’s possible for a DIY-er to purchase a chemical that’s most effective for cockroaches when trying to deal with wasps, for example. When using that chemical isn’t effective, you might have to purchase more and more to try again.

At that point, you’ve probably spent more on chemicals than a full appointment from a certified pest control technician would have cost you, and excessive use of chemicals might have environmental hazards.

Potential risks

Pesticides are chemicals that are intended to kill pests. That means that in larger quantities, they have the potential of being dangerous to you, your family, and your pets. As an amateur who isn’t trained and educated in the proper application of pesticides, you might be putting yourself and your loved ones at risk without even realizing it.

DIY pest control can also be inhumane. There are plenty of options for rodent control, easily available to consumers, that create more pain and suffering than necessary for rodents and prolong the problem.

Finally, the incorrect use of pesticides can actually cause damage to your home, like walls and furniture. Certain methods of application can also get into your home’s water supply, contaminating it and putting your family in danger!

A professional touch

At West Termite and Pest, our certified technicians have been around the block when it comes to pest control. We can spot signs of infestation that the average person would miss, allowing for more effective localized treatment.

Humane and safe application

We are also knowledgeable about the chemicals we use, and we utilize them properly to maximize effectiveness and avoid excessive damage and harm to other creatures and the environment. Our goal of avoiding unnecessary harm means humane treatment and removal of rodents; we aim to maintain your safety and comfort within your home without causing undue suffering for other creatures.

Being knowledgeable about the chemicals we use also means that we use them safely, applying them in a way that keeps people and pets safe while still being effective.

Proper and safe treatment techniques are the most effective, and treatment from a certified professional (in addition to routine maintenance) means that pests will be removed on the first try, without needing to waste time and money on experimentation.


When it comes to pest removal, trying to do it yourself is just not worth it. There are too many potential health and safety risks, combined with wasting money and the potential for ineffective treatment, failing to eliminate pests at all. 

It’s best to allow fully licensed and bonded professionals to take care of the problem for you. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection of your home, and we’ll identify any problems and get rid of them as quickly as we can!


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